Privacy Policy

Your privacy is paramount to us at Telco Infinity Communication. We guarantee your data stays in-house and won’t be traded or handed to any third party without your go-ahead. Here’s a deeper dive:

  • Information Gathering: Some sections of our website may ask for data from you, like creating an account (name, email, number etc) or sharing your business activities. This helps us tailor our services to your needs.
  • Usage Analysis: We look at general trends – like visit timings or browser types – to understand how users interact with our site. Personal identifiers are excluded from this analysis.
  • Security Logs: All site activities are logged to combat fraud and malicious actions.
  • Emails & Messages: Don’t fret about spam; we won’t send you any unsolicited messages or share your info unless you want us to.
  • Using Your Data: Mainly, we utilize the information for the reason you provided it. For instance, if you fill out our contact form, we’ll use that data to respond. There might be secondary uses, but they’re always for legitimate purposes.
  • Legal Grounds for Processing: We ensure there’s always a lawful reason for processing your data, whether it’s for a contract, our legitimate interests, complying with the law, or based on your consent.
  • Purposes: Your data helps us manage our relationship with you, refine our offerings, market relevant content, assess job applicants, offer community platforms, and handle business necessities.
  • Data Retention: We only hold onto your info as long as it’s necessary, per our retention policies and legal obligations. Once it’s no longer needed, we delete or anonymize it.
  • Data Safety: Internally, we have policies and tech safeguards in place to protect your data. Access is restricted to those who really need it.
  • Digital Interactions: Engaging with our site or emailing us means electronic communication. You’re okay with us replying electronically. For quality control, some of your interactions may be recorded.
  • Cookies: Our site might use cookies to enhance your experience. However, you can set your browser to decline cookies if you prefer.
  • Concerns: Any worries about how we handle your data? Send us a message
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